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Comparing Insurance Quotes

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Home owners insurance calculator
If you want to compare life insurance rates or get auto insurance quotes, the internet now makes the process a lot easier. If you are struggling to pay for your current insurance or just want to save money on one of the larger expenses in your life, cheap insurance rates can help you out a lot. Between company websites and third party insurance quote aggregators, there are many sites on the internet that can help you to find a better insurance rate. Car insurance is one of the more common and useful forms of insurance, since nearly every American has to deal with it at some point. Car accidents cost the US about $300 billion every year, so insurance that covers these accidents is very important. However, about 16% of drivers are still uninsured, making them a serious liability. Having in

An Interview with Glenn K. Tippy of GBW Insurance

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For over three decades, Glenn K. Tippy and his hardworking staff at GBW Insurance (short for Gerrity, Baker, Williams, Inc.) have strived to protect homes, businesses, automobiles, and even people themselves through quality insurance plans. We caught up with Mr. Tippy to discuss his personal experiences — both good and bad — in operating a small business. What’s it like running a smaller, local business compared to, say, some kind of larger corporate entity? I had spent much of my career running parts of large insurance companies or all of a midsize insurance company. Owning a local or regional business, where you could see the results of working with people, where you would know how the work actually helped people, turned out to be much more important. In a large corporation, there are layers and layers of helpers. In a small business, if the toilet breaks down, either the money to fix it comes out of your pocket or your fix it yourself; either way, you have to have a restroom for the employees. So you learn to do whatever it takes to succeed. Could you describe the best day you’ve ever had as a business owner? One of the days after Hurricane Sandy passed away. When I started answering client phone calls at 4 a.m. because our communication plan worked. When our insurance company partners were able to start taking claims because their disaster plans worked. When our staff members showed up, when they had no power or heat but they wanted to help our clients. When one of our employees slept in her car because she wasn’t sure she had enough gas to get back and forth from home to office, but didn’t tell me because she didn’t want me to order her to stay home — everyone was being paid whether they showed up or not. Our systems worked, and things got better every day for our staff and for our clients. That’s an incredible story! What would you say to aspiring business owners who want to have those same kinds of experiences? Do you have a burning desire to do this? Don’t go if you just think it would be nice to be your own boss. Are you willing to keep going if it takes twice as much work as you expect. Don’t go if you can’t keep going when things are tough. If you can do things better than others and know why someone will pay for that, if you can take bad news but planned for it or are tough enough to fight through, then your own business can make you happier and wealthier than laboring in someone else’s business. GBW Insurance is located at 3 Goldmine Road in Flanders, N.J. You can learn more about their services at, by emailing or by calling (973)426-1500.


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Four Important Questions to Ask to Find an Insurance Provider

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Auto insurance
In the United States, you must have some form of auto insurance in order to legally operate a vehicle on the road. This is done to protect every driver in case of an accident, where an insurance provider must be brought into the situation to cover the cost of damages. As a direct result, your rates might increase, but that’s not anything you should worry about until the time comes. In the meantime, here’s a list of questions to keep in mind when shopping around for the right insurance provider. What kind of coverage do you need? Coverage specifications will always vary from state to state, even when it comes to auto insurance for business vehicles. It’s always a good idea to figure out exactly what’s required in your area and start from there. Look into a number of different companies, build

Why Might You Need Life Insurance?

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Car insurance agency
When you buy something valuable, like a home or automobile, you want to make sure that investment is backed up. Enter insurance. Millions of people throughout the United States benefit from car insurance, homeowners insurance and even life insurance. Interestingly, the latter is most important because while cars and homes can hypothetically be replaced, people are irreplaceable. On that note, one of the first things someone should do when they have a family, a job, a house or a combination of the three is to find life insurance. You can find life insurance at a number of different agencies, and most life insurance agents can help find life insurance policies to fit any family. Importantly, life insurance should only be purchased from a

Your Employees Are Your Investment Protect Your Investment With Insurance

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Best home insurance rates
Health insurance is a mess right now. What with the economy still being less than desirable, the government potentially shutting down again in two months, and the Affordable Care Act seemingly making things even more confusing than ever before. But one thing has not changed throughout all of this. Your employees are relying on you to give them affordable health insurance. All politics aside, whether you believe one way and your employees believe another, your workers, just like every other citizen in this country, have a need for standard medical treatment, as well as preventative health care. If you value your employees, you owe them that much.
  • Health Insurance for Business Owners
  • Insurance for small businesses might be a scary prospect. Maybe, because you think tha

Where to Look for Affordable Home Owners Insurance

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Can i get auto insurance with a permit
When your budget is tight, you may be asking why do we need insurance. Insurance is necessary for owning a car, a home, a boat, and more. However, the price of insurance does not have to put you in the hole. There are plenty of options out there that can affordably fit into your budget. These days, it is possible to get a home owners insurance quote right online. The internet makes it easy to compare the prices and coverage of many different companies. It is very easy to get an auto insurance quote online these days, and some companies will compare their prices to the competition all on one page. Even with the ease of online insu

Does Your Business Need Liability Insurance? Do You Know What It Is?

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The liability insurance business industry could save the life of your company. Insurance for business owners, especially insurance for small businesses, can become taxing after awhile. You need insurance for everything. But no one makes you delve into the liability insurance business. That being said, it is still incredibly important. Here is some insurance news for you, the liability insurance business can be your life-saver. And with reasonably low insurance rates for it, liability insurance is the first optional necessity you should consider. But how much do you actually know about it? Read on for a little insight.
  • What Is It?
  • Liability insurance falls under the category of general insurance in risk financing. It protects the purchaser from any liabilities that ma