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  • Understanding Small Business Insurance

    The video “Small Business Insurance Explained 101 Small Business Talk with Kenny” helps people know about insurance for small businesses. Believe it or not, insurance is one of the essential parts of running a successful small business. Whether you operate your business out of an office, a garage, a warehouse, or on the road, it […]

  • The Purpose of a Group Health Provider

    Health insurance is one of the important structures of our society. It helps us to pay for health care whenever we need it. There are a lot of different kinds of health care, and group health providers are a common one that we see in businesses. Let’s take a look at the purpose of a […]

  • Road to Becoming a Bondsman Agent

    Video Source Becoming a bail bondsman is a great way to earn a living. Not only do you make an excellent income, but you get to do exciting things like handle firearms and chase down bad guys. If you’re thinking of becoming one of the many bondsman agents who nobly help the judicial system, watch […]

  • Life Insurance Policies

    Life insurance is one of the most popular insurance options. It provides a way to help your family financially after you pass away. There are a few different life insurance policies that you can choose from. In this article, we are going to take a look at the different life insurance policies. Video Source Permanent […]

  • How Does “Allowed Amount” Work in Healthcare?

    The business of healthcare can be complicated. There are patients, medical practices, and insurance companies. This creates a triad of complexity. This is why a third party medical biller may be beneficial. Third party billers submit the prepared codes to the insurance company on behalf of the healthcare institution and patient. Video Source In this […]

  • Last Wills a Comprehensive Guide

    Handling the process of grief while also being attentive throughout last wills can be a very draining experience. In order to make the last will and testament process much easier, it’s important to read up on how the entire thing works. It can be incredibly hard to focus on this process when a loved one […]

  • Do Christians Need Health Insurance

    Video Source Christians may wonder if getting health insurance demonstrates a lack of faith, but shouldn’t you be prepared for the worst? This video discusses whether or not life insurance is adherent to a Christian faith. If you are a practicing Christian, you believe that God is watching over you and will take care of […]