The Three Types of Insurance That are Non-Negotiable For Your Business

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If you’re running a business, the t’s you need to cross and i’s you need to dot can seem endless, especially if you’re just starting out. But one important box you need to tick is the insurance box. This too, can seem bewildering — it seems like there are so many types of business insurance that you need! But let’s think about it. You need insurance to protect your physical store, should a natural disaster come through or some other unforeseen incident. You need to protect your employees — and also yourself — as well as the merchandise in the store. And depending on what kind of business you run, you may also need vehicle insurance, if you have company owned vehicles or employees delivering or picking up goods on your behalf.
How Does Insurance Work?
The point of insurance is to ensure that you, individuals under your care, and your property and/or possessions are protected in case they’re damaged, lost, or stolen. You may pay a monthly sum to the insur