4 Accidents That Will Make You Wish You Had Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a necessary policy that’s similar to car insurance or life insurance: should anything happen to your home, your assets will be protected. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover everything: floods and earthquakes usually need additional protection. However, homeowners insurance is an important policy that over 64% of Americans use to protect their home.

Here are four common home accidents that will make you wish you had home insurance.


Though you think it can never happen to you, fires can occur for a variety of reasons, and it’s important you get the coverage to protect your home from harm. Fires can happen from a lightning event, an electrical failure, or even a burner being left on and forgotten about.

Damage from fires can include heat damage and smoke damage. Homeowners insurance will help you rebuild after your home is damaged by a costly fire event.

A theft

A burglary can happen to anyone at any time; in order to cover the cost of stolen goods, contacting a reliable insurance company is a necessity. Homeowners insurance can also cover the cost of items stolen from off-site locations


Windstorms and hailstorms are notorious for causing home damage. While hail can damage siding, windows, and outside assets, a bad windstorm can take down gutters and even remove your roof. To cover against this type of damage, homeowners insurance is a necessity, especially if you live in a colder area that’s susceptible to hailstorms. A good insurance company should offer you a fair quote when you call them to discuss homeowners insurance policies.


Even though homeowners insurance won’t protect you from flooding damage, the high winds and rains associated with hurricanes will make you wish you had home insurance when late summer months hit. Even central states in the U.S. can be affected by the far-reaching effects of hurricanes. To get the right protection from your home, talk about what coverage is offered at a reliable insurance agency.

Protecting your home is hard enough without the worry of accidents. When you purchase a home, consider calling Nicholson Insurance for all of your home insurance needs.

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