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  • How Common Is Business Insurance?

    business insurance

    While the primary goal of an entrepreneur is to make profits, businesses run into challenges such as fire accidents that threaten their sustainability. In that case, the business requires a backup plan to continue operations. This is where insurance comes in handy. Most small businesses do not have insurance despite the inherent risk of investing. […]

  • 7 Factors To Consider When Choosing Independent Insurance Providers

    According to the National Organization of Insurance Commissioners, there were 5,965 insurance companies in the United States in 2018. Properties/casualties insurers made up 2,507, life/annuity 841, health 931, fraternal 82, title 60, risk retention group 239, and other companies making up approximately 1305. Choosing independent insurance providers is not an easy feat. It is quite […]

  • What Does Life Cost

    Farm insurance is not simple business because of all the moving parts. However, three things that will be familiar are auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance. Those are baseline topics that probably are not always considered by non-farmers.   Consider it though; agribusiness insurance is just a mouthful of goop to someone that is […]

  • 1M Online Orders Placed Thanks To Partnership Between Self Point And Foodex Supermarket

    In early December, digital commerce leader Self Point celebrated the one-millionth order placed on Foodex Supermarket’s online store.   Self Point was founded in 2014 and has since spread — with overwhelming popularity — to the U.S., Canada, and Israel. It specializes in working with supermarkets and specialty foods retailers to establish an online base: […]

  • Don’t Make These Common Car Insurance Mistakes — They Could Really Cost You

    car insurance

    If you have a car, you need auto insurance to keep it protected against accidents. When you need this coverage, you can fill out an auto insurance application to get started. You may want to get a few auto homeowners insurance quotes if you own a home and want to bundle your insurance policies. This […]

  • What Age Should You Get Life Insurance And Why?

    Just like auto insurance and homeowners insurance, life insurance is a necessity if you want to keep your assets safe; in this case, you’re simply taking out insurance on your life. This serves as a cash reserve safety net. Many businesses utilize this kind of strategy when they want to build up a six-month reserve […]

  • Preventive Health Care on Medicare Part 2: For Men

    Preventative Health Care is one of the most important services for people over 65, and one of the best tools offered by Medicare. This is, at least in part, to help offset the extreme frequency with which Americans suffer from chronic conditions: According to the Commonwealth Fund, 87% of older Americans live with a chronic […]