1M Online Orders Placed Thanks To Partnership Between Self Point And Foodex Supermarket

In early December, digital commerce leader Self Point celebrated the one-millionth order placed on Foodex Supermarket’s online store.


Self Point was founded in 2014 and has since spread — with overwhelming popularity — to the U.S., Canada, and Israel. It specializes in working with supermarkets and specialty foods retailers to establish an online base: through a simple onboarding process and easy-to-use technology, grocery stores are able to greatly expand their reach. The result, as the one-millionth milestone proves, is a mutually beneficial, thriving success.


“We’re delighted to partner with Foodex Supermarket and the one millionth order will be ‘on us’ to commemorate the occasion,” said Michael J. Haaf, CEO of Self Point. “Our technology allows Foodex customers to shop online or on-the-go and to find the best value. With real-time metrics, we help our retail clients to be more responsive to their shoppers’ preferences.”


The food and beverage industry is worth over $105.5 billion in Canada. As demand for online ordering increases every single day (InstaCart, Shipt, and even Amazon Prime are revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience), new techniques must be determined in terms of delivery. Self Point has already created the software to order online, how is grocery shipment being handled?


Food and beverage logistics are much more nuanced than classic heavy haul and carrier shipping: produce is exceptionally fragile and must be transported with extra care, perishables (such as milk and eggs) need to be moved in temperature controlled environments, and warehousing and distribution services all need to be managed in a timely manner as food doesn’t last forever. This means that refrigerated trucks and storage facilities are required, and employees need to be trained on how to properly handle fresh fruits and vegetables.


If Foodex Supermarket’s CEO Shimshi Lubousky has anything to say about it, though, the food and beverage logistics seem to be working out just fine:


“Since the November 2015 launch of our online store, we’ve seen tremendous growth in online sales, which is now a core part of our business and fundamental to our future.

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