How do Americans Consume Their News?

Insurance business news

Where do people go to get their up to the minute insurance business news? Well, according to one research poll, the news landscape and how we consume our news are changing very quickly. We all know that print news sources, particularly newspapers, have taken quite a hit in recent years. But now it appears that television sources of news (including local news, network news, cable news, and business niche news like insurance news or insurance business news) is lagging as well. Even the viewership of news giant, CNN, has fallen over the past four years (according to a new survey, 16 percent of people polled said they regularly watched CNN; in 2008 that number was 24 percent). What news format is leading the way? You guessed it: online.

Consuming news via online and digital news sources (this includes mobile access from tablets or smart phones as well as social networking sites) is rising at warp speeds. Seventeen percent of adults surveyed said they got news headlines from their mobile device the day prior. In addition, more than just accessing news, such as insurance business news, on a mobile version of a website, social networking sites are becoming a leading source of breaking news for many Americans. In fact, in less than three years, the percentage of Americans who say they saw breaking news or news headlines from a social networking website has more than doubled from nine to nineteen percent. Compounding this data is the demographic; when polling adults younger than 30, just as many got their news from a social networking site (33 percent) as they did from television (34 percent). How many adults under 30 got their news from a print or digital newspaper? A mere 13 percent. However, among specific niches of business news (such as insurance business news pertaining to the industry, or insurance business news headlines that are relevant to everyone), digital versions of newspapers are valuable sources as are insurance business news blogs and websites specifically geared toward those in the industry.

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