How to Make Your Insurance Company Happy

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Do you like paying for insurance? It can be mildly annoying to make a payment each month (or bi-annually, depending) and not see anything in return. Of course comprehensive auto insurance and homeowner insurance are needed, although it is probably for the best if they are never actually needed, as in a claim never needs to be submitted due to a crash or water damage. It is worth knowing a few tips that can make the process go more smoothly, should you ever need to submit a claim.

Speeding Tickets Can Make You Pay Twice.

Everyone speeds at some point, some people everywhere they go. But getting pulled over and written a ticket is bad news on several counts. One, speeding tickets can get pricey depending on the location of the transgression. Secondly, when the driver has comprehensive auto insurance the insurance company will find out about the ticket. The company will then raise the insurance premium because the driver is seen as someone who takes risks when operating a vehicle and will likely make another mistake in the future, possibly resulting in an accident. The insurance company does not want to pay for accidents that could have been predicted by a spotty driving history.

Incidentally, young drivers between 16 and 25 have some of the highest premiums. The short history does not incite trust in car insurance companies. Online car insurance quotes for this group of drivers will always be higher until their history reflects safe and sane driving. Their comprehensive auto insurance will be higher because it is more likely that they will use it, and soon.

How Picture Evidence Can Help Your Home Insurance Claim.

No one wants a disaster to destroy their home, whether accidental or natural. But as it is a possibility, it is necessary to take the proper precautions. Once homeowners have the best insurance plan for their area of residence (i.e., hurricane damage coverage for those on the East Coast; earthquake damage on the West Coast, it is time to take stock of person possessions. Alarmingly, only about half of homeowners have prepared a clear inventory of their possessions over the past eight years. This is an important step because insurance companies want to see clear documentation of the items in your home that may need to be replaced. Photographs are an excellent way to accomplish this task.

Insurance is not quite on the same level of death and taxes, but it has become an expected part of life. We work hard to earn the money for a car, for a home, for our possessions. It would be terribly unfortunate if everything of material value was destroyed by an unavoidable disaster. Take the precaution of planning ahead, and hope it is never needed.

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