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Your Employees Are Your Investment Protect Your Investment With Insurance

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Health insurance is a mess right now. What with the economy still being less than desirable, the government potentially shutting down again in two months, and the Affordable Care Act seemingly making things even more confusing than ever before. But one thing has not changed throughout all of this. Your employees are relying on you to give them affordable health insurance. All politics aside, whether you believe one way and your employees believe another, your workers, just like every other citizen in this country, have a need for standard medical treatment, as well as preventative health care. If you value your employees, you owe them that much.
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  • Insurance for small businesses might be a scary prospect. Maybe, because you think tha

Where to Look for Affordable Home Owners Insurance

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Can i get auto insurance with a permit
When your budget is tight, you may be asking why do we need insurance. Insurance is necessary for owning a car, a home, a boat, and more. However, the price of insurance does not have to put you in the hole. There are plenty of options out there that can affordably fit into your budget. These days, it is possible to get a home owners insurance quote right online. The internet makes it easy to compare the prices and coverage of many different companies. It is very easy to get an auto insurance quote online these days, and some companies will compare their prices to the competition all on one page. Even with the ease of online insu

Does Your Business Need Liability Insurance? Do You Know What It Is?

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The liability insurance business industry could save the life of your company. Insurance for business owners, especially insurance for small businesses, can become taxing after awhile. You need insurance for everything. But no one makes you delve into the liability insurance business. That being said, it is still incredibly important. Here is some insurance news for you, the liability insurance business can be your life-saver. And with reasonably low insurance rates for it, liability insurance is the first optional necessity you should consider. But how much do you actually know about it? Read on for a little insight.
  • What Is It?
  • Liability insurance falls under the category of general insurance in risk financing. It protects the purchaser from any liabilities that ma

Looking for Low Cost Auto Insurance? Four Things You Should Know

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Did you know that the very first car insurance policy was written up in the UK, back in 1895? Today, insurance is mandatory for car owners in most states, and many people are wondering how their automobile insurance rates add up in comparison to the rates others get with alternative companies. Here are four things you should know about car insurance. 1. Discounts Insurance companies can offer discounts in certain states because they see you as less risky compared to other drivers. Driver education courses, being a good student, safety devices, GPS devices, low mileage, and anti theft devices can all save you money, so talk to your agent or company to see if there are any potential discounts you can access. 2. Your Car Impacts Your Price Insurance premiums are partially based on the price of your vehicl

Affordable Insurance Coverage for Business Owners

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When Benjamin Franklin made his famous “death and taxes” quotation, pardon the tire cliche, he hit the nail right on the head. As insightful as he was, if Mr. Franklin were alive today, it is plausible that he might revise his assertion to include insurance. As all car owners, homeowners, and employees can attest, insurance is simply fact of life of modern life. Although most people enjoy paying for their insurance premiums about as much as they do income taxes, should they be unfortunate enough to need it, all you will hear are massive sighs of relief. For those people who are fortunate enough to have health insurance through their employers, it is almost impossible to translate that value into real dollars. And when people do not have health insurance, they are at a considerable disadvantag

The Number One Source for Insurance News

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When the most iconic of all American forefathers, Benjamin Franklin, made his infamous remark about “death and taxes” he hit the nail right on the head. However, we might revise, just slightly, Mr. Franklin’s astute axiom to include insurance; because any American who wants to live a satisfying life and be an active participant in society will be required to purchase some kind of insurance. Whether its automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, insurance for small businesses, health insurance, or life insurance, insurance is a fact of life for every active citizen. Luckily, the internet is chock full of useful insurance news that will provide homeowners with a wealth of insurance tips, health insurance tips, life insurance tips, and even renters insurance tips. The top insurance news websites offers so much e

Follow Business News Updates to Help Your Career

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Gaining an edge in the competitive job marketplace of today is something that many individuals might struggle with. Lots of industries are saturated with talented workers who have similar backgrounds that include an education and work experience. One thing that individuals might want to do in order to stand out is gain an in depth knowledge of the industry that they work in. While there are multiple ways to do that, keeping up with the latest business news might be the best option. By following business news stories and developments, workers could be exposed to ideas, insights, and information that they might not see during a normal work day. This could help give them the edge they need for a big promotion or new job. This could prove to be particularly true for workers in the insurance field. Insurance business news could include all kinds of information that individuals are not likely to experience during their daily tasks. Insurance news could include new laws and regulations, insurance claims that might impact the company someone works at, or even something simple like a false claim and how it was handled. Whatever the case may be, this kind of business news can be a great resource for anybody who wants to make sure they have an in depth knowledge of their industry that allows them to stand out from their competition. When it comes to following the latest business news, individuals have several options. For many, reading the paper at the breakfast table before work every morning is the best way to do so. Others will want to grab a cold drink, kick their feet up, and turn on the TV in order to relax and catch up with the latest business news after a long day at work. Either way, being able to regularly read or hear about the latest stories is a great advantage for anyone looking to give their career a boost. Taking just a little bit of time every day to learn about recent business news can be quite beneficial. If someone has a busy schedule that is packed full of activities other than work, it might be difficult to find time to read the paper or turn on a great TV business news program every day. If that is the case, then they might want to use the internet to learn about all of the latest business news stories. The web will allow them to stay informed right from their desk while they have a bit of free time at work, or, if sites are optimized for mobile use, from their smartphones and tablets. Those sites can help anyone stay informed while on the go and working through busy schedules.

The Latest Headlines in Insurance Business News

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If you are involved or interested in the insurance industry, it is a good idea to be aware of the latest trends in insurance news. There are several places you can obtain insurance business news. Newspapers, online subscriptions, television programs, and magazines are several popular methods. Here are some headlines that have been making waves this week in insurance business news. On the coast, the cost of home insurance has skyrocketed. In Alabama, a man who used to pay less than a thousand dollars for his home owners insurance in the late 1990s is now paying an annual premium of about five thousand dollars every year, which he says is scaring away new home owners, making it difficult to sell. Across the nation, the cost of homeowners insurance has risen twice as fast as the rate of inflation, and the states who saw the largest percentages are border states. In Florida, the rate rose by 90 percent since 2003. Experts are saying that the insurance rates in hurricane areas have been too low for too long, and are unlikely to ever return to pre 2003 rates. Warren Buffet, who is the billion dollar chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, is planning to expand into the commercial insurance industry, which is pretty big business news since it has the potential to instigate other businesses into investing in the same way. In the past, Berkshire has usually concentrated on covering auto insurance rather than commercial properties. buffet feels it is a good bet. In Minneapolis insurance business news, legislators and others are worried that a state run liability insurer, called MJUA, is presenting a public health risk because it allows bad doctors who make mistakes to continue operating. The issue here is that certain doctors are sued so frequently because of the inherent risks in difficult operations and surgeries that regular insurance companies are not willing to cover them. Because of this, MJUA helps keep high risk doctors in work. While it assists doctors whom are necessary for the system, it has the unintended consequence of letting bad doctors in through the back door.

Cut Out the Funny Business

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Elephant insurance claims
There are quite a few things out there to watch out for when it comes to fraudulent insurance claims. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, no matter what takes place, insurance claims should always be filed as soon as possible to avoid any risky business going on when it comes time to collect on the claim. An insurance company, in a nutshell, deems false insurance claims as something that has been altered in some way in order to get the money from fraudulent insurance claims. For example, if a person claims that they were rear ended or in an auto collision that results in damage to the car, then file for a claim only to take the money and use it elsewhere, that would fall under the category of fraudulent insurance claims. Insurance companies have many ways around these claims, such as sending out a person to evaluate the damage and such, but sometimes legitimate claims slip through the cracks and the company views them as funny insurance claims. When it comes to Elephant insurance claims, they handle them much the same way any other insurance company would. The fraudulent insurance claims are reported and reviewed, as are legitmiate3 insurance claims, but then the fraudulent insurance claims department of the company will file a review or go through some sort of process to determine whether or not the fraudulent insurance claims are actually okay or not. If you find yourself in the middle of this type of situation, it would be wise to find some sort of information on what steps you must take to prove that you are not looking to file fraudulent insurance claims. Try searching the internet for fraudulent insurance claims help or reviewing some resources on how to remedy the situation by proving that you are in the right and trying to hoodwink the insurance company.

How do Americans Consume Their News?

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Where do people go to get their up to the minute insurance business news? Well, according to one research poll, the news landscape and how we consume our news are changing very quickly. We all know that print news sources, particularly newspapers, have taken quite a hit in recent years. But now it appears that television sources of news (including local news, network news, cable news, and business niche news like insurance news or insurance business news) is lagging as well. Even the viewership of news giant, CNN, has fallen over the past four years (according to a new survey, 16 percent of people polled said they regularly watched CNN; in 2008 that number was 24 percent). What news format is leading the way? You guessed it: online. Consuming news via online and digital news sources (this includes mobile access from tablets or smart phones as well as social networking sites) is rising at warp speeds. Seventeen percent of adults surveyed said they got news headlines from their mobile device the day prior. In addition, more than just accessing news, such as insurance business news, on a mobile version of a website, social networking sites are becoming a leading source of breaking news for many Americans. In fact, in less than three years, the percentage of Americans who say they saw breaking news or news headlines from a social networking website has more than doubled from nine to nineteen percent. Compounding this data is the demographic; when polling adults younger than 30, just as many got their news from a social networking site (33 percent) as they did from television (34 percent). How many adults under 30 got their news from a print or digital newspaper? A mere 13 percent. However, among specific niches of business news (such as insurance business news pertaining to the industry, or insurance business news headlines that are relevant to everyone), digital versions of newspapers are valuable sources as are insurance business news blogs and websites specifically geared toward those in the industry.