Road to Becoming a Bondsman Agent

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Becoming a bail bondsman is a great way to earn a living. Not only do you make an excellent income, but you get to do exciting things like handle firearms and chase down bad guys. If you’re thinking of becoming one of the many bondsman agents who nobly help the judicial system, watch the video above.

To start, you need the prerequisite training and education. This will vary from county to county. The man in the video did a two-week course alongside an online course through the University of Florida. He also interned for a year with a bail bondsman agency to gain on-the-job experience.

All in all, it takes about a year to become a fully licensed and authorized bail bondsman. As a bail bondsman agent, you get the best of both worlds. You learn how to run a business through sharp finances and accounting. You also get to go into the field to catch perpetrators if they skip their court dates.

If you think this business sounds like a good fit for you, contact a bail bondsman to see if they can show you the ropes. Click on the link to the video above for more information.

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