Do Christians Need Health Insurance

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Christians may wonder if getting health insurance demonstrates a lack of faith, but shouldn’t you be prepared for the worst? This video discusses whether or not life insurance is adherent to a Christian faith.

If you are a practicing Christian, you believe that God is watching over you and will take care of you. Even when bad things happen, it is all part of a broader plan. Though it may not make sense to you, faith in God dictates that you accept all trials and tribulations put in your path.

However, this does not mean you need to go through life unprepared for these various obstacles. If a man gets life insurance and passes away, his wife may be able to use the money from his insurance policy to get all of her affairs in order before finding a job that allows her to balance time between her work and her family. They will have the best odds of being able to take care of themselves.

If a man chooses to forego life insurance and passes away, his family may face crushing financial burdens, and his wife may be unable to support her family in a fulfilling way.

Ask yourself, do you really know that God doesn’t want you to have life insurance? He may have put it there to take care of you. There are christian insurance companies, too, who can help you get a policy in line with your faith.


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