What a Porta Potty Rental Company Needs to Know About Insurance

If you own a portable toilet business, you may want to read this article on insurance companies and portable toilets. The YouTube video “Insurance Adjuster Doesn’t Like Pricelists Or Porta-Potties” is about a professional roofing company and their struggles with insurance claim payouts. We’ll discuss what type of insurance you need as a mobile toilet business owner. Insurance protects you when your client’s insurance refuses to pay out.

Getting the Right Insurance

You must ensure appropriate insurance to cover your portable toilets. This includes general liability insurance.

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A porta potty rental in Champaign, IL should come with the peace of mind that the supplier is adequately insured. It would be best if you had protection against personal liability. You’ll also need property insurance to cover your toilets, trailers, equipment, and office space.

Another critical point is auto insurance. Your portable toilets and restrooms need to be dropped off and picked up. Any business owner will tell you that workers’ compensation insurance is critical, especially if you have workers who maintain and deliver your restrooms.

Finally, ensure your company has professional, business interruption, and cyber liability insurance. You’ll be covered if a client claims negligence on your part, your IT networks and information will be protected, and if you can’t do business due to natural disasters, you’ll be covered.


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