Wondering If You Should See a Pain Management Specialist?

While many types of pain are managed with over-the-counter analgesics, certain types require specialized care. A pain management specialist has the expertise and experience to determine the cause of chronic pain and give you a lasting solution. There are many types of chronic pain, some of which indicate a more severe problem. Painkillers are an insufficient solution to particular issues and only provide temporary relief.

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This video explains the role of a pain specialist, training, and why they are essential to palliative care.

Did you know that 20% of adults in the U.S experience chronic pain at some point in their lives? A further 8% go through high-impact issues related to prevailing medical conditions. Of this number, almost 90% of people are incapable of working outside their homes. These statistics show the prevalence of chronic pain and why expert medical opinion is critical. Pain specialists provide in-depth diagnosis and patient evaluation to determine and treat various types of chronic pain. They take you through physical and neurological testing to effectively determine the root of the problem. Taking over-the-counter drugs does not provide a lasting solution. It is crucial to seek professional medical advice for effective treatment. If you need more information on health insurance options, check out Jericho Share Insurance.


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